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Date: 12-8-2015
Word Limit: 1400
Words Written: 20,983

Judges (crits):
Sitting Here
Ironic Twist

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how i do magic???

1. First, go to http://www.spellsofmagic.com/ and find a spell to help you out. IMPORTANT NOTE: It's important to make your intention clear when doing magic. For best results, either post your chosen spell in your signup post, OR indicate that you wish for the judges to choose for you. No mere "in" post will appease the godsjudges of Thunderdome; either choose boldly, or cast yourself as dust upon the winds of fate.

2. Magic works best when you either include your spell in your story OR make sure your story is somehow inspired by your chosen/assigned spell. Magic can be any genre, even scifi! Magic shouldn't be fanfiction or erotica, no matter what your headmates tell you.

3. Take a bath

  • Write a story that includes or is inspired by a spell from http://www.spellsofmagic.com
  • Either include your chosen spell in your signup post OR ask the judges to choose for you
  • Your story should be no longer than 1400 words
  • Sign up/submit by the deadlines i literally just posted above, FFS learn to scroll up you lazy goon
  • After you post, make sure to give thanks to the godsjudges by posting FJGJ (Fast Judging, Good Judging, for the acolytes among us)

16 Total Submissions, 3 Total Failures:

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