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Date: 4-26-2016
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 12,084

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Let's go deceptively simple with this week's prompt: Take the tone and/or theme of one of your previous Thunderdome entries and clearly invert it in.

For example, if the original story is a melancholic tale of a deteriorating friendship, maybe try for the cheerful mending or forming of one. If you use your very first Thunderdome piece you get 1200 words, otherwise you get 1000. For the love of god don't just rewrite the original story, and bonus points if you spin, uh, "straw" into gold this time around. If this is your first Thunderdome, let me know and I'll provide someone else's Thunderdome piece for you to use.

Make sure you include a link to the original story, plus say what tone/theme you're about to invert so that at least we don't have to puzzle that out.

No fanfiction, no nonfiction, no erotica, no poetry, no GoogleDocs, etc etc.

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