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Date: 10-31-2016
Word Limit: 750
Words Written: 16,295

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Audio Recap: Surrealism revisited
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Twittering Machine by Paul Klee

So if you didn't know, this inspired my little story. It's cool, I like it a whole bunch, and it's in a little style called Surrealism. Maybe you heard of it. We had a Surrealism week once. It was awful. We're doing Surrealism again because it won me last week, but we're doing things a little bit differently.

First of all, let's talk about Surrealism. Surrealism is fucking awesome. I love it. It attempts to link the unconscious and the conscious, inspired by the ideas of Freud and Jung, and is something you should definintely look up just because it's a lot of fun. For writing, though, there's two things I love about Surrealism. The importance of the image and the dream logic.

If you know me, I love images. Surrealism pushes that even further and says that you should focus on startling us. That's cool. Surprise us, but don't just surprise us with random crap. Surprise us with a weird logic. Everything should make sense in the weirdest way possible. Think of how dreams work and try to emulate that in your story. But rememeber, THERE IS STILL A LOGIC. I don't want a bunch of monkey cheese bullshit thrown in my face. Be smart. Please. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in this thread (itt) or in irc. Just, please, don't be wacky or crazy for its own sake. Find a reason for it.

And before you say "I just don't get Surrealism," early Walt Disney is basically Surrealism so, actually yes, you already get Surrealism

If you're looking for some good example of Surrealism, I recommend reading some James Tate (especially How the Pope is Chosen) It's poetry, but they'll give you a good idea of what Surrealism attempts to do. Remember though, a story has a character that wants a thing and does things to get the thing!!!!

Also, to give you a little bit of inspiration, I'll be giving every one of you a song. They won't have lyrics, so they might be a bit difficult to write to, but basically all I'm looking for is for me to listen to your story and read your story and for me to nod and say "Yeah this fits the story well enough." Also, I like these songs so plz dont make fun of them tia!!!

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