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Date: 1-24-2017
Word Limit: 1400
Words Written: 27,601

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So in my short time here inside the rattling death-cage of the thunderdome, I’ve noticed a little something — the pieces of writing that really get to me, the really good ones — they all have a character somewhere in there that’s unconditionally and unquestionably human. There’s a character in there that’s been through some shit, that has perspective on something. They’re interesting in some way and I want to know more about them. I can relate to them, and by god, maybe I even like them enough that I want some good shit to happen to them at the end of it all.

This week, I want you to give me a character that's human. Make them nuanced like any human is, make them want something like all humans want things, just don’t give me lifeless and don’t give me stereotypes or cliches. The strength of your character is what I'll be looking for the most.

You’re also going to get a little stage direction this week. When you sign up, I’m going to give you a TV show synopsis from Netflix. The synopses are universally vague and clickbaity, and you’re going to form your story around one of them. (it’s okay if it’s loose, these are really just there to give you a concrete setting)

Here's a sample synopsis, from Grey's Anatomy (I won't be giving you the title of the show when you get yours):

“Neither their patient’s problems nor their own relationships are black and white. It’s all shades of grey”

You're going to turn your shit-garbage synopsis into pure gold.

God speed.

p.s. given the current political climate, there is a strict no nazi rule being enforced this week

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