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Date: 3-6-2017
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 17,494

Judges (crits):
The Cut of Your Jib
Fuschia tude

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Here's a gallery of snippets from retro video game ads that I've gathered: https://thunderdome.cc/images/imgur/a/2Epmj

Use your assigned art as inspiration for your story. Most are old plotless games; but if you know the game in the ad, don't rehash the plot. No fanfics or stories where people sit around playing video games, either. That's it for content rules.

Here's the game:

Post a piece of art from the gallery with your entry and that art is assigned to whomever signed up directly before you. So entrant 2 chooses the inspiration art for entrant 1, entrant 3 chooses for entrant 2 and so on. There's forty or so ads, so pick an ad that hasn't been assigned yet.

First person to enter gets to subtract 300 words from another entrant, to be used before submissions close on Friday or forfeited.

Once sign-ups close, I'll choose the artwork for the final person to enter.

12 Total Submissions, 4 Total Failures:

Failures who signed up but did not submit: