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Date: 8-21-2017
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 23,455

Judges (crits):
Uranium Phoenix

Audio Recap: Week 264
Week Archivist: Kaishai

As I assume the bloody crown and sceptre of office, I'm suddenly seeing the bright side of this little Mad Maxian pastiche we've bombed, blasted, and irridiated our once-green earth into. Its probably still looking pretty grim down there in the poet pits, but hey, try to have a lil' perspective and remember your suffering is someone else's profit!

This week, Write about the winners of a Dystopian society. And no, you can't write about present day America, but fantasy and historical settings are on the table alongside the usual sci-fi. Whether your protagonist is one of the ruling class or merely a toadie, whether they understand the horror around them or are completely oblivious, I wanna see someone who at least starts the tale with a happy outlook on this brave new world.

To get you into the mindset of inflicting your petty authority on all those beneath you, When you sign up you will provide a flash rule for the next person to sign up. Flashrules must be in the form of IN A WORLD WITH [THING] or IN A WORLD WITHOUT [THING] and should be firmly in the realm of cruel and unusual.

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