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Date: 9-25-2017
Word Limit: 1750
Words Written: 25,892

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Jay W. Friks

Audio Recap: King in Yellow Week
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This week is all about the King in Yellow by Robert. W Chambers, one of my favorite ole-timey horror anthologies. (I know half of the book is more like a romance but I don't count that part)

If you want to read it, go here https://maggiemcneill.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/the-king-in-yellow.pdf

If you want to read a blurb about it, go here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_King_in_Yellow

What I like most about the anthology is that there is no actual character within any of the stories called "The King in Yellow" or "Hastur" for those familiar with Lovecraft's tweaking of Chambers work.

Instead, the "King in Yellow" is a play that appears as sometimes a central focus of the narrator, an item that causes misfortune like a cursed relic, or is mentioned in the background but causes nothing else important to occur within the plot(but is still focused on for more than a line)

This week, you can write whatever you want barring fan-fiction and erotica but you have to include the King in Yellow (The Play I mentioned within this post, not the Creature "Hastur", or the real-life book. Though, you can write about those as well AS LONG AS THE PLAY ITSELF AS AN OBJECT IS WITHIN THE STORY) somewhere in the narrative. It will help you clarify this if you look at the wiki-article I linked about Chambers book "The King in Yellow" in the synopsis of the story within the Wiki it talks about the book within the book "The King in Yellow."

If you want a flash rule (which will be random, From A-for animal to Z-for Zodiac) just indicate so in your entry post.

Put the number 6 in your entry post to give me more hope you read this.

Bottomline: you're writing a story, any genre except erotica and fan fiction that has the fictional play "the King in Yellow" within the narrative. For those who know nothing about this, read the WIKI page, not the pdf.

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