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Date: 4-16-2018
Word Limit: 1300
Words Written: 12,349

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Aw man Idris Elba is SO COOL guys. Have you seen him in literally anything ever? He's handsome as fuck and he's got a beautiful voice and he's an incredible actor and I think he is just the coolest. I want more Big Driis, guys. Give. Me. More. That's your prompt. Write me a story keeping my man in mind for one of the characters. Pretend, if it helps, that your work will one day be adapted into a brilliant film or tv show or live-action theatrical play and in this unrealistic idyllic future where you are loved and successful, MR. ELBA HIMSELF will be portraying one of the characters.

Probably the main character. The first season of Luther? Beasts of No Nation? My James Bond fanfiction? Killer stuff. Now does he have to be the main character? No, no, no, of course not, of course not. He’s a scene stealer. Take Stringer Bell in The Wire or Heimdall in Thor. Those are great roles. Does he even have to be human? Nope. Dude straight up murders it as Shere Khan in Jungle Book and Chief Bogo in Zootopia. Basically what I’m trying to say here is that things are pretty open guys. I’m looking for juicy characters.

But just so we’re super super super clear, Idris Elba is an actor. He portrays characters. He shouldn’t be a character. He should not literally appear in your story. That would be both meta and bad and I don’t want to read things that are meta or bad. I don’t want to read fanfiction, erotica, or poetry either so don’t submit any of that.

I’ll give you a quote to kick start you when you sign up. I know y’all love that random generator shit.

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