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Date: 7-2-2018
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 21,094

Judges (crits):
The Saddest Rhino
Fuschia tude
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There comes a point in every 'domers life when they've basically run out of prompts, and go "hey I like this band a lot, please just write about the band I like." We're doing that this week, but with a twist. There are two musicians: one male and one female. I've chosen one song by each of them. When you sign up, include He or She in your signup post and I'll DM you the song. If you don't have forum DMs, please come find me in the #thunderdome IRC (see the bottom of the OP for instructions). Anybody who spoils it will be disqualified. Why all the cloak and dagger? Because it pleases me and this week, I am God.

When the signup period closes, I'll post in public about each of the musicians and the chosen songs.

Your story must be inspired by the song, though I'm willing to be very flexible about what 'inspired by' means. I don't even need to see how you got to your story, to be honest – if it's good and you started from the prompt, I'm happy. If you need more instruction, hit me up for a flash rule and I'll give you a genre, a mandatory line of dialogue, and/or a song by a different artist.

While we're Muffin-pandering, here's an unordered list of shit I like: mushrooms, dysfunctional families, LGBT stuff, bizarre visions of the apocalypse, and dogs being good. None of this is required: it's just stuff I find cool.

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