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Date: 10-30-2018
Word Limit: 1222
Words Written: 16,204

Judges (crits):
Anomalous Blowout
Week Archivist: Kaishai

The weekend, when most of us celebrate Halloween, has come and gone. A determined few will keep the party going on a school night, god bless them. Me? I’m more a discount candy and low-key spooky movies on a Wednesday night kind of gal.

This is our last week of SPOOKTOBER, but this week stories don’t have to necessarily be genre horror.

I am looking for eerie and beautiful. Or maybe creepy and whimsical. The way the Twin Peaks soundtrack makes you feel. That sensation of frisson you get when you look at a gorgeous painting that’s just a little spooky.

And that’s where you come in.

When you post that you’re in, post a link to a song. The most eerie, melodic creepybeautiful song that you can think of.

Your prompt will be a line from somebody else’s song. If their song has no lyrics, you will be assigned a random line from a song of my choosing.

I will then compile the songs into a playlist we can listen to, enjoying some beautiful music while dismaying at some shit writing.

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