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Date: 12-18-2018
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 10,141

Judges (crits):
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Let us continue a Thunderdome Christmas tradition. This week you will pick your very own Sparkly Merman and write a story inspired by that merman. Your story does not literally have to be about or include mermen; the judges just want to see evidence that your story was inspired by your sparkly pick.

To add a seasonal theme, I want you to tell me about what your merman did for the holidays. Interpret that as you see fit.

Post your choice when you sign up. First in first served - you can't chose the same sparkly merman as anyone else. If you find an amazing sparkly merman somewhere else on the interwebs, feel free to post that.

If you really can't decide I'll randomly assign you a merman, and bizarre flashrules will be dispensed upon request.

You may earn bonus words by posting crits of recent or otherwise uncritted stories. 100 words per crit, up to a maximum of five.

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