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Date: 4-9-2019
Word Limit: 900
Words Written: 17,514

Judges (crits):
Anomalous Blowout
Week Archivist: Kaishai

Like a lot of people, I wandered away from TD for a while and then came back. Life kicks you in the dick sometimes–you get busy, you get depressed, you get uninspired. When I returned, one of the things I took the most delight in was reading back through the archive and seeing what people had been up to in my absence. There’s a massive treasure trove (or it is a travesty trove?) of stories in our archive and they’re as different as the people who wrote them.

This week, when you sign up you will be assigned a thunderdome participant and your prompt will be to write a story that contains elements from one of their stories on the archives. I’m not picky about “elements” - it can be setting, it can be characters, it can be a direct sequel, whatever. It just has to be directly informed by that work.

If you want 200 extra words then I’ll assign you a specific story from your specific person’s back catalogue.

For people who are new and don’t have accounts on the Thunderdome archive site: if this is the case for you, say so and I will be sure to assign you a person who still has stories visible in the goldmined threads, which are accessible from the Thunderdome 2019teen OP.

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