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Date: 10-29-2019
Word Limit: 1300
Words Written: 11,948

Judges (crits):
Black Griffon
Week Archivist: crabrock

It’s about fucking time you ingrates recognized me for my genius! I don’t have a great speech or prompt post all typed out for you so you’re gonna get something nice and simple with a twist of the ol’ Merc. It’s gonna be fun, so don’t fuck it with bad words. Give me good words.

This week, you sweet mammah jammas are gonna write 1,000 words on a time something went horribly, what-the-fuckery wrong. And when you sign up I’m gonna give you the reason. You get an extra 200 words if you use any one of my recurring characters I’ve written about because 1 Fuck you, I’m the judge, 2 There’s gonna be a lot of judge pandering and I encourage it, and 3, Refer to 1.

You know the regular shit. No erotica and uh the other bad stuff I can’t remember at this moment.

12 Total Submissions, 2 Total Failures:

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