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Date: 11-12-2019
Word Limit: 1300
Words Written: 29,059

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Sitting Here
Week Archivist: crabrock

uuuh i have a headache so you get an awkward hodgepodge of a prompt. this would be an extremely good week to get weird because idgaf

PART ONE OF YOUR PROMPT IS: magic in the suburbs. Your story doesn't have to be set in the literal suburbs, but it should be somewhere low-key and residential, whether that's a neighborhood street in a city or a cluster of homesteads somewhere rural.

I don't want epic battles of good and evil. Did I already use the word low-key? Good. I'm gonna use it again. I want low-key magical shit happening in normal-ass places like where you might walk your dog or buy your latte, you milquetoast motherfucker.

PART TWO OF YOUR PROMPT IS: When you sign up, choose something that matters to you (or your character) and post it. You can be a real or as shallow with this as you want. But you better post that shit when you sign up. Examples of things that might matter to you are: fame, money, compassion, trees 'n shit, your cat, gains, cleanliness, optimization, funkopops.

THEN! You will write a story about the absence of that thing. From your life, from your character's life, from the world, whatever.

FINAL, OPTIONAL PART OF YOUR PROMPT: Sebmojo is on deck with some ass-puckering hell rules for those bold enough to :toxx:

So, to recap all of that:

  • low-key neighborhood magic
  • the absence of something that matters to you (or your character). Post what it is when you sign up!!!
  • toxx for a hellrule if you're some sort of brave beautiful writing god

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