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Date: 2-4-2020
Word Limit: 500
Words Written: 7,338

Judges (crits):
Week Archivist: Kaishai

Oh my goodness you idiots have had some stupid large wordcounts recently. As a response, I’m going to set this week’s limit to a whopping 500 words -- partially because you, no doubt, need the practice in trimming things up but maybe mostly because I love myself and my time. As for the theme, I want you to write me stories that could be included in a best man or maid of honor speech. Pretty simple stuff here really. I want stories that are short and sweet and maybe a little funny. If you haven’t been to a wedding before and/or you have absolutely no fucking clue as to what would be appropriate to write, either use google or don’t participate. I'm not in the mood to be bummed out by your incompetence!

Just so we are absolutely clear: I don’t need an actual speech. I want a story that is short and sweet and maybe a little funny that could be used in a speech. And for the sake of brevity, you can safely assume I am intimately familiar with your characters already so don't feel obligated to include any background information like oh this is my brother this is my best friend yadda yadda yadda it's fine.

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