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Date: 2-25-2020
Word Limit: 900
Words Written: 8,684

Judges (crits):
Week Archivist: Kaishai

This week you will write nonsense stories.


Q: What's a nonsense story?

A: I don't know. You should ask Fumblemouse, whose prompt I am blatantly stealing, or Wikipedia.

Q: But Yoruichi, if you don't even know what a nonsense story is, how will you judge this week?

A: Sounds like you want to volunteer to co-judge, my friend.

Q: Can I have a flash rule?

A: Yes! This week, flash rules will be handed out by your fellow competitors. So, if you enter and request a flash rule, anyone else may give you one. BUT, the flash-rule giver must also enter. I'm not going to make it compulsory that if you give a flash rule you must also take one, but, you know, it would be in the spirit of the week to do so.

Have fun!

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