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Date: 10-6-2020
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 14,376

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Audio Recap: Revolution week
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My friends. After much struggle, I have wrested control of this week's prompt from counter-revolutionary forces. For a long while, it was not clear who was in charge. But fear not, for we have prevailed. Rejoice!

If you choose to take up the struggle again this week, I will assign you some revolutionary person, picture, song, or idea. Do not write fanfic or porn about this assignment, rather let it inspire you to write your own work of transformation and liberation. I want to see joy, even though the struggle might be difficult.

But, even while we have won for the moment, know that Antivehicular will certainly approach you, and assign you a genre. Fear not, for if your heart is filled with the spirit of revolution, this cannot hold you back.

I know some of you are comrades in words only, though, and you might ask Antivehicular to provide you with a flash rule. Be warned! Even though you may be tempted to do this, I might respond with a partisan raid! This may alter your plans drastically.

So declare your support for the revolution, just remember who is in control around here.

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