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Date: 11-16-2020
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 9,851

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oh god not so loud

What a party!

You're pretty sure it was someone's ... birthday? Promotion? The host was pretty wasted when you finally met them - at least you think that was the host. It was hard to tell, what with music loud enough to wake the dead and more alcohol than a brewery. You think someone brought in a fog machine - either that or there was a fire. Only a small one, though.

whose traffic cone is that?

Now the sun's starting to come up and the crowd of people sprawled out across the living room are starting to stir. Your head's fuzzy, your throat is sore and there's a weird bruise on your arm but you had a hell of a time.

... so why do you feel like you're forgetting something?

  • Write me a story about the morning after. After what? That's up to you - it doesn't have to be a party but it has to be big. Whatever it is, I don't want you to write about it directly - instead, I want you to write about what comes next.

  • Get creative - you don't have to start your story literally the morning after the night before.

  • Stay upbeat - the world is a fuck right now. If you're going to write something dark, make it worthwhile.

  • Submit erotica

  • Submit via GoogleDocs

  • Edit your post

  • Submit fanfiction

WORD LIMIT: 1,200 words
+100 words if you let me/another judge tell you something important that you've forgotten
+100 words if you let me/another judge tell you something important that you remember
+100 words if you let me/another judge tell you what song was playing last night
(Pick any or all - but no more than one of each - for a potential maximum word count of 1,500 words)

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