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Date: 02-02-2021
Word Limit: 900
Words Written: 9,483

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Audio Recap: Week 444
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Ha! I won again! Hooray for me! And hooray for you! Because this week you are getting another writing exercise + horse thing prompt.

This week you will focus on character. Your challenge this week is to write a convincing and memorable protagonist. Make your reader feel like they really get to know who the protagonist is and how they tick. Think about what they like, what they want, how they talk and move, what sort of objects they choose to surround themselves with, etc. If you like writing vignettes or otherwise not having a traditional plot then this is your week.

Your protagonist will be inspired by a horsesona created by one of your fellow Thunderdomers. This is how it's going to work:

1) Go to this website and create a horsesona. There's a random generator if you're a lazy bum.
2) Sign-up, and post a screenshot of your most excellent horse friend.
3) Wait in eager anticipation for the next person to sign-up. The horsesona they post is the inspiration for your protagonist.
4) Write good words.

The last person to sign-up gets the horsesona posted by the first person to sign-up, hence the earlier than usual sign-up deadline. If you sign-up late I will give you a horse using the random generator.

Do you want a flashrule? If yes, you may request any or all of:
- a randomly generated horse to use as a second character
- where your story is set
- the first song lyric that pops into my head.

Do you want a hellrule? If yes, you are a maniac, but I will happily hand out random nonsense if you so desire it.

God help me if any of you choose to literally write about horses.

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