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Date: 02-09-2021
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 8,834

Judges (crits):
Lily Catts

Audio Recap: Valentines Day
Week Archivist:

Ah yes, the blood throne is finally mine! It has not escaped my noticed that I won the week using a recurring character. Perhaps I should do something with th-

You are tasked to write about a couple going through Valentine's day together! Two quick, simple, easy things really before you get started. 1! I'm gonna need you domers to look through past entrees and pluck one of your favorite characters you put on the page. Bam, they are now one of the protagonists. If you haven't written a dome story before pick a protag from last week (with the author's permission of course). 2 (two)!! They have a strong emotion about the second character in your story. Like last week, when you sign up tell us an emotion. The person who signs up after you will have that emotion coming from one of two of their characters. First sign up gets the last emotion posted.

Hopefully that's clear. The throne makes you heady as the air is thin up here in victory land.

Since it's Valentines, you CAN write erotica, but keep it tasteful. That line is blurry and ill defined, so if you decide to get sexy, you'll do so at your own peril.

If you want a flash rule, I can throw you a meme that might, or might not help.

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