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Date: 07-06-2021
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 10,208

Judges (crits):
My Shark Waifuu
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This week you're going to write me a feel-good or upbeat story that will be inspired by a bird with a threatening aura.

Because I like birds, gimmick twitter accounts and feeling good about the world, you see.

You can either provide your own image of a bird with a threatening aura or let a judge choose; I'll be drawing from https://twitter.com/AurasBirds/media and you can too, though other judges may not and you don't have to. You must state what you are doing in your signup post though. If you choose the image, your max wordcount is 1000. If a judge chooses, your max wordcount is 1200.

The judge(s) will try not to assign duplicate images but if you want to choose one that somebody else has already chosen/been assigned, you may do so.

How upbeat? Well I'm not looking for forced positivity or saccharine sweetness but I do want to enjoy reading your story and maybe come away from it with a smile on my face. No bird death.
How inspired? Your story doesn't have to feature an actual bird but, as always, there should be a clear line between the image and the story.

Max Word Count: 1000 words (your choice of bird) / 1200 words (judge choice of bird)

10 Total Submissions, 7 Total Failures: