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Date: 06-13-2021
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 17,344

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Uranium Phoenix
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Alright you lot, I’ve just gone through years of prompts for inspiration, and apparently it’s been over seven years since someone’s made you all write mystery fiction?

This week, I want you to write me a story that revolves around a mystery. Specific genre is up to you, as long as there’s a satisfying conclusion by the end.

Because a lot’s happened since 2014 and you’ve all come to expect extra bullshit on top of a theme, and because I’ve got fond memories of playing scrabble on family holidays, your story must also draw inspiration from a seven letter word. You can choose this word, or I can choose it for you. (No plurals, proper nouns or acronyms.)

You’ve got 1500 words.

If this is all too pedestrian, ask for a flash and you’ll get an extra seven letter word and 250 more words for your story, and if you :toxx: you’ll get three seven letter words and 2000 words total.

Entry deadline is 9pm Saturday AEST (UTC+10)
Submission deadline is 6pm Monday AEST

No erotica, political screeds, Google docs, poetry, fanfic, editing your posts.

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