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Date: 07-26-2021
Word Limit: 600
Words Written: 22,311

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Audio Recap: Week 469
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Happy Birthday, Thunderdome! We’re having a party! A birthday party!

Nethilia is, so far, the best and most favorite guest for they brought the most goodies. As a reward, they now have an extra 500 bonus words to spend! This week, next week, any week! And I can give these away because I’m in charge! Yay!

Uranium Phoenix, for saving Thunderdome, also gets a reward of 69 bonus words to call in at any time for any prompt. Huzzah!

Speaking of prompts: it’s a birthday prompt! And there’s really only one rule this week: you gotta eat the cake. But I’ve laid out a pretty delicious spread so fill up your plates and fill up your bellies. Keep your eyes on this post, though, because people may continue to bring treats.

Deadline to sign up: friday at midnight pst
Deadline to submit: sunday at midnight pst
You can gain up to 10,000 words.

Cake! +600 words
* It’s someone's birthday!

Soda! +100 words
* Your story begins and ends with the same line.
* Your story must start and end in the same location.
* No pronouns.
* Pick a card, any card. Use it in your story.
* Eat Healthy! Include all of the 1980s food groups: Bread, Meat, Dairy, Veggies and Fruits, Sweets, Oils, and Fats.
* Florida Man!
* This picture
* This picture
* You must have a happy ending.
* No one may die.
* One character prefers to speak in rhyme.
* Your story is set in the mesosphere.

Chips and Cookies! +200 words
* Two female characters must have a 200 word conversation about something other than a man
* Divide your word count in two and write two stories. They must be connected thematically but not literally.
* You are limited to two locations.
* You must bring one of two things to the story: an elephant or an embroidery project.
* Exactly half your story is a dream, and that dream is more important than the reality
* Every sentence needs an adverb!
* Hellenistic Mediterranean is the setting. Temples mysteriously disappearing is the problem.
* “The smoke of a burning human skull will drive bees to murder.”
* Incorporate a special technology: Gravity Manipulation! This isn't just repelling gravity to float, but being able to manipulate all parts of it. I think the possibilities here are not very well explored, since usually the tech exists as a convenience to explain why all the people on a space ship aren't floating.
* None of your characters can understand each other, but desperately need to.
* “The world exists within a tear.”
* There is no 19th story. There is no Mrs. Zarves.

Pizza! +300 words
* Tyrannosaurus names one of your major characters (from a Tyrannosaurus prompt)
* Pththya-lyi chooses for you an archetype and a theme.
* Antivehicular gives you a inspirational webcomic (from an Antivehicular prompt)
* Little Ducky assigns you a K-Drama trope (from a Tyrannosaurus prompt)
* Chernobyl Princess hands you a medieval marginalia.
* Antivehicular bestows a mysterious yet thematic flash from one of their previous prompts
* "It was all a dream" is not only a valid ending to your story, it's the only ending.
* "Campy Gory Girl Power"
* This is your very specific, very special horoscope to influence and guide your writing:
The Hierophant: Religion, group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs
Six of Pentacles (Reversed): Debt, selfishness, one-sided charity
Queen of Swords (Reversed): Overly-emotional, bitchy, cold-hearted

Ice Cream! +400 words
* Your characters must speak Hawaiian pidgin.
* Your characters are all buildings, from 3-9 stories high, each with a different disorder from the DSM IV. Yoruichi will assign you the disorders.
* One of your characters is a narcissist. If the story is not focusing on them, they will try to tug it back to them.
* Thranguy will give you a Grievance from the Declaration of Independence
* Your story must be told in reverse order (but still make sense).
* Your story is a Psychological Christmas Creature Feature Secret Society Period Piece About Parenthood
* No one in your story can be a white person.

Alcohol! +1000 words
* Your story can only use the top 1000 words in the English Language. (from a Nethilia prompt)
* For every 100 words, your story needs to contain another named character with a speaking role
* After 500 words, you lose access to a letter of the alphabet for the rest of your story. Every 200 words after that (700, 900, 1100, etc) you lose access to another.
* Your story is split into more than ten scenes but no scene can have more than 50 words.
* You can't use sentences longer than the baby shoes story.

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