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Date: 11-23-2021
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 17,054

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Good morning, my future Flash Jockeys, welcome to your first day interning at MusicThunderDome! Here at MTD we strive to provide nothing but quality Music Flash 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (February 29th is a myth made up by VTD1).

Normally we would try to ease you in, but honestly it’s been a bit of a mess around here lately. The FJs are overworked, the Music Flash is underwritten, and without your help, we just can’t see MTD surviving the fall season.

So, please, find your desk, put on your headphones, and get writing. Pick a song, a song you love, and get us some Music Flash for it. Something inspired, something that will make us appreciate the song the way you do. It doesn’t have to be literal; if some instrumental makes you imagine seagulls sailing through the clouds, then go with it. Give us 1,000 words. If you can link to the song in some fashion, we would appreciate it (youtube is great, but anything helps). Make us proud. Save our station!


Ok, I see that some of you are a little more savvy than your fellow FJs-to-be. Yes, we want their Music Flash, but you all know how this business really works. If you want your own show some day, you need to grease the wheels. Our existing FJs might be overwhelmed, but they still have their ego, and want to be able to sound knowledgeable and hip when they flip the audience to your new Music Flash. They love options. As such, if you want to provide 3-5 song links, along with very brief pitch on why those songs would make a great Music Flash, then one of our FJs will pick the song and pitch they like best and put in their feature spot, netting you an 1,500 words. Hurry now, get those pitches in!


Oh, some of you are still here. Fine, for you truly ambitious suck-ups, we have a special proposal. Three of our best, most overworked FJs need help, and they need help now! They are getting pressure from some of their most trusted artists, and need to get those artist’s songs playing as soon as possible. So, if you really want to help us out, pick one of the three FJs you want to help, and we will provide you with three songs that those FJs are dying to get on the air. You can choose any song the FJ provides, and you will get 2,000 words for helping us out so much. The FJs in need are:

FJ Moog, hosting Sax-O-Synth-O-Magic
FJ Technics, hosting Beats & Rhymes
FJ DOA, hosting Attitude and Amplifiers

Choose fast, those FJs are anxious to keep their artists happy!


What, why are some of you still here? No, that’s it. There isn’t some special ultimate option for you. All of our shows have been covered except FJ HellReign’s Midnight Massacre, and trust us, you don’t want anything to do with FJ HellReign. You do want something to do with FJ HellReign? It’s your choice, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you are willing to head down in the stacks, FJ HellReign will give you one song, probably something most people will hate, possibly something FJ HellReign hellself hates, and you will get 3,000 words to come up with your Music Flash. Why would you pick this? You will regret this!


You pick the song: 1,000 words
You give us 3-5 songs and a brief pitch for each, we pick one: 1,500 words
You pick one of the three FJs, we provide you three songs, you pick one: 2,000 words
HELLREIGN: one song, 3,000 words, utter respect

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