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Date: 02-28-2022
Word Limit: 500
Words Written: 21,699

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500 weeks of Thunderdome.

500 weeks of Thunderdome.


We’ll save the sentimental carrying on for Thunderdome’s tenth birthday in August. For now, let’s all bask in the terrible glory of 500 weeks of the greatest flash fiction contest on Earth.

Before I share the prompt, I want to tell you what the judges want from this week: Give us your madness, your hijinks, your collaborations, your best solo work. Don’t worry too much about doing things right. If this is your first week, jump in and go nuts. You’re still expected to submit pieces that are worth the judge’s time, but don’t overthink what you’re “supposed” to do. This week we are channeling purestrain :justpost:

Judgment will be a little different from the typical week, too. Prizes! Fun mention categories! Surprise upsets! All of this and more can be yours this week. So that brings us to…

The 500th prompt.

  • Below this post is a 500 word story written by Crabrock. You will read that story and write a sequel that is also 500 words or fewer.

  • You may write as many sequels as you like. There is no limit on how many submissions you can enter this week—but they should all be 500 words or fewer.

  • You are actively encouraged to write sequels to other people’s entries. Branching and competing timelines are welcome! As are collaborations, sabotage, parodies, and anything else that you can accomplish while following the very minimal rules of this prompt.

  • Each story must be in its own post.

  • When you write a sequel, please quote the story(ies) that come immediately before it. If you’re responding to a chain of stories, you don’t have to quote all of them. Just the one(s) that comes immediately before your story.

  • There are no genre restrictions! Your story(ies) doesn’t even have to be the same genre as the one(s) that came before it.

  • We still don’t want your google docs or political screeds. Poetry is okay, but keep in mind that's a hard sell in a week like this.

  • Feel free to :toxx: for a certain number of entries or whatever other zany thing your heart desires.

Flash rules!

You can ask for two kinds of flash rules! For inspiration, you can ask for something from Dr. Cindy's box (this will make sense later). For those whose buttholes are truly hardened to the harsh coruscations of the 'dome, you may ask for a hellrule from Sebmojo.

Once a flash rule is in play, anyone may use it for their story! Please note all flash rules in your post for archival purposes.

A special message about writing, the world, and you: It’s understandable that everyone is having trouble being creative right now. History is rarely kind to artists, even as it creates the context for the art we make. For those of you whose hearts are breaking for the world, I encourage you to make this your momentary respite from reality.

If now isn’t the time, then know that writing, and Thunderdome, will be there for you when you’re ready.

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