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Date: 09-28-2022
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 11,911

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Chernobyl Princess
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The year is 2322, the world is all sprawling megacities. Not content with having the latest technology in their hands, people implant that technology into their bodies. Despite this having the potential to uplift us all into a post-work utopia, corporate greed and shortsightedness locks humanity into an intensely stratified world of haves and have-nots. Also, it is always raining. We don't know why.

Write me a cyberpunk or biopunk dystopia in 1500 words

Biopunk differs from cyberpunk in that the technology is based in flesh and plant matter. It can be greasy, shiny, fleshy... as gross or as beautiful as you want. Think Pump Six and Other Stories. It often has the same themes as cyberpunk: megacities, megacorps, eternal underclasses serving a distant upper class, and the advancement of technology happening almost faster than we are able to integrate it into our societies. You are not limited by these themes, take the aesthetic and RUN WITH IT.

Ask for a flash rule and I will give you a megacorp to work into your world

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