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Date: 10-11-2022
Word Limit: 1375
Words Written: 10,535

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In the city of Chiclayo, Peru, there is a wide boulevard called Paseo Yortuque. Down the center of this street there is a walking path studded with statues of gods and monsters, many sculpted by Fredy Luque to express the enormously influential Moche and Lambayeque cultures of northern coastal Peru.

Sign up, and I will give you a statue from Paseo Yortuque to inspire your writing. You can search and pick your own if you want, just make sure you post it in the thread so I don't double up. However I will double up at my discretion if too many people sign up. Your story certainly can, but doesn't have to be set in Peru or feature the imagery of the statue! This site has a bunch of decent pictures of the statues.

Boilerplate: No erotica, google docs or external links, ideological screeds, plagiarism, fanfic

Word limit is 1375.

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