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Date: 12-12-2022
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 8,651

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Chernobyl Princess
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a friendly penguin

In case it were not abundantly clear, I play a lot of tabletop RPGs. I am the person who shows up to session 0 with five pages of backstory and my own fleet of named NPCs. And because I am a deeply lazy gamemaster I really enjoy it when my players do the same.

This week I want you all to write me the backstory of a hero. Not the adventure that made them famous or brought them glory, but the tale of the life they left behind. Tell me about the halfling before she went to wizard college. I want to know about the netrunner before his first splice. What was the pararomantic doing before they joined their team of paranormal investigators?

If you would like a flash, let me know and I will provide you with a randomly drawn card from this extremely cool collaborative storytelling game I got at PAX this year, such as this one:

You have 1500 words. No erotica, political screeds, fanfic, or google docs

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