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Date: 03-28-2023
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 8,872

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My Shark Waifuu
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Not only is it one of Warren Zevon's best songs, it's a list of three good story ingredients. Let's throw'em in a pot and see what inedible garbage you can make!

Your story this week must include lawyers, guns, and money in some form. The only limit is you can't play the prompt entirely straight: no hard-boiled crime/noir stories. Take these basics in hand like they're your daddy's nutsack and give them a good hard twist.

You get 1000 words to start with. Brevity is the soul of wit, and if you can't be witty you can at least be brief.

If you ask for a flash rule, I'll give you another Warren Zevon title to use in your story in addition to Lawyers, Guns, and Money. You can use this new one either directly or thematically. In return you get 500 bonus words (1500 total).

If you ask for a Hellrule, you'll get the same 500-word bonus as a flash rule, but I'm going to pick out a song title from my entire music library to include, and it'll be a fucker. You don't get anything beyond that; this is Thunderdome, pain is its own reward.

The usual rules apply about no erotica, no poetry, no google docs, etc.

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