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Date: 04-24-2023
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 5,576

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a friendly penguin

Hello from Disneyland.

Its so easy to be overwhelmed here, and especially so if you sit and watch all the families go by. What's going to happen with all these many kids, including my own? Should I, at any given second, be looking to their future, holding on to the moment, or making memories of the past? Look at someone with sixty-seventy years to go. How to feel about that? Envious? Hopeful? Pity?

In these stories we often cram as much of our own anxieties and regrets as we can into one single, small package. So how appropriate that this week we are writing about children. Your kids, someone else's kids, yourself as a kid.

You get 1000 words. 500 more if you take a flash rule. I will assign you a classic children's book to work in... thematically.

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