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Date: 02-05-2024
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 9,368

Judges (crits):
Lord Zedd-Repulsa
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a friendly penguin

I’m going to have my first surgery ever in a few days, and my first time going under anesthesia since i was a teen (which doesnt count since teens are barely conscious anyway) and I am having all kinds of thoughts about death and stuff, so, now you get to as well!

PROMPT: Your character is about to do something which might kill them. What are their thoughts on this?

Wait a minute, you say, isn't literally every thunderdome story about someone doing something that might kill them? Yes BUT, most judges don't demand introspection on this, I DO DEMAND INTROSPECTION.

Your story can be about whatever you want, but make sure you describe the existential crisis going on in your character’s skull with at least as much effort as you do whatever external stuff is going on.

You can ask for a flash and I’ll give you some innocuous action which is the thing which might kill your character. (example that no one will get: pushing a button) You’ll have to figure out why it’s deadly.

I wont be able to give flashes on wednesday or probably thursday, so other judges can provide them for those days if needed.

1500 words

Usual rules, no erotica, no political screeds, no fanfiction,

I generally don't give negative mentions but reserve the right to do so.

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