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Date: 05-20-2024
Word Limit: 2000
Words Written: 6,345

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Hi, friends!

We humans need stories, and our stories need characters. The narrative form often compels us to develop the inner life of characters, and the relationships between a couple of them.

In real life, though, individuals are are embedded in vast social networks. Throughout our quaint history, our collective senses of identity have spanned villages, nation states, and continents. Communities and collectives, not individuals, have been the main agents of history - for good and for ill.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about community and the power of collective action. I also spend a lot of my time locked in my own skull like a good neoliberal ego-monster subject. This week, I ask you to bridge this gap through the magic of flash fiction.

The Prompt: tell us a story where a community, collective, or movement is in some way a protagonist. Where individual characters are struggling to achieve something, or even really do achieve something, as part of a community, collective, or movement much greater than themselves. I am looking for stories that center the community, the collective, the movement, or whatever entity is Bigger Than Any One Person, giving them star billing and, well, a sense of life adequate to the real role that these collectives play in our lives.

Please interpret any aspect of this prompt as broadly as you want. There are absolutely no genre constraints here, nor do I have any prejudices about mood, tone, degree of fantasticalness, etc.

FLASH RULE: I will provide you with a mass social movement from real life history for inspiration for a cost of 200 words.

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