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Date: 05-27-2024
Word Limit: 500
Words Written: 4,865

Judges (crits):
Quiet Feet
Chernobyl Princess
Week Archivist:
a friendly penguin

Writing is hard! Work is hard! It's time to chill out and relax and get some play time in. I want some bite-sized stories this week. On that note, you have 500 words to write at least one story, but can write as many stories as you want. Did you have a story that went 400 words? Want to write another one using the last 100? Go ahead! Or don't. I ain't the boss of you.

One minor thing though, you'll need to take three toys out of the toybox below. These "toys" are settings, characters, objects, rules, etc. You can pick which three, or you can tell me "Quiet Feet, I'm IN but too old for this shit" and I will randomly roll your three toys via an online die roller. You can share toys, meaning you can pick something someone else already did. If you do write more than one story, you'll need to pick another three for each subsequent entry.

Usual restrictions apply. Entry deadline is Saturday 3:00 AM EST! and final time for submissions is Monday, 6:30 AM EST!

Why do I feel like I just gave myself a bunch of homework?


1: a broken vibraphone
2: your main character's name is Lettuce Beeftart
3: The Grand Canyon
4: waffles
5: outer space
6: evil toaster
7: an old lady
8: a genie trapped in the windshield of an '86 Ford Crown Vic. He appears whenever the wipers go off.
9: brown paper bag with an unusual lunch inside
10: wicked stepmother
11: soccer ball
12: Jackpot! You have 1,000 extra words! Downside: your story (or stories) now takes place in the year that matches the final word count. CE. None of that BCE stuff.
13: a calm lake
14: the best video game ever
15: toy tank
16: the forest
17: a wise old owl who needs advice
18: your protagonist is mute
19: the rocky plains of Mars
20: your MC's dad is always right behind them
21: a mannequin with an extra arm
22: lawnmower
23: big wizard
24: snow
25: at least one Norse god
26: the 9:35 train
27: retired boxer
28: a pen that only writes on surfaces that are already completely saturated with ink
29: a cooking show
30: blue bicycle
31: the snowy tundra
32: magic sword
33: Hmm, your main character is not an actor but they play one on TV?
34: slingshot
35: cutlery
36: crystal ball
37: a giant
38: the King of Prussia
39: cowboys
40: Autumn
41: dirty pans in the sink
42: three princes
43: midnight
44: sunny day
45: the lawn
46: Mongolia
47: boxer shorts with hearts on them
48: the most amazing kiss ever
49: Mt. Olympus
50: legless greyhound
51: jetpack
52: the last can of baked beans. EVER
53: a leaky pen
55: the undead
56: the 10th doctor, the one who does actually recommend BRAND X
57: the desert
58: a tribe of marauders
59: rotting lumber
60: leftovers
61: Chile
62: power drill
63: Oh no, that leprechaun is not really a leprechaun! What is it?
64: poverty
65: a happy golden retriever
66: clay golem
67: burnt steak
68: a red apple
69: a green apple
70: winter
71: Viking longship
72: it's 98 degrees
73: space bus
74: a snowman with a magic hat
75: the acorn that fell from Yggdrasil
76: big fight at church
77: love
78: the number 78
79: potato salad
80: singing eyeball
81: a devil (not THE devil)
82: spinach
83: a troll has turned to stone, but he's still alive, albeit stationary and bored
84: at least one person says "fuck the Cowboys"
85: a ghost
86: chess set missing both kings
87: big butt on a billboard
88: scrambled eggs
89: breathtaking view
90: Pringles can
91: garden hose
92: three gnomes
93: flesh eating monster
94: the garbage dump
95: squirrels
96: grandma's favorite tree
97: broken cell phone
98: beehive
99: the void
100: We've run out budget for your story so we had to sell ad space in it. You have an extra 90 words for a short radio spot for BLAM! somewhere in the middle of your story. Also, at least two characters must mention BLAM! No, I don't know what BLAM! is.

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