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Date: 07-10-2024
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 7,249

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a friendly penguin
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a friendly penguin

Hello again, Thunderdome! This week, I’m shamelessly stealing the prompt from Chili, because once you voice an idea you run the risk of it becoming true:

“Inane fairy godmother blessings/curses feels like a good prompt”

We’ve had a few fairy / fairy-tale adjacent prompts recently, so take this as loosely as you like — I’m not limiting genre or expecting any hard-and-fast interpretations of fairy godmothers. But your protagonists must have some sort of supernatural or otherworldly blessing or affliction on them, which doesn’t seem to be immediately helpful or harmful…

Base word-count is 1200 words.

For those of you who haven’t entered recently, I’ll offer an extra 25 words for each week since you last entered TD, to a max 2500 (or a year’s worth of no-shows).

If you haven’t entered TD before, feel free to take the full 2500 words, though I’d suggest aiming for 1200 words max for your first story.

Flashes available on request. These will come in two parts: something that must be included in your story, and something that must not be included in your story. Happy to adjust cruelty as required.

No erotica, poetry, politics, or fan fiction.

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