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These things serve no purpose:
Adjective RentboysA parody of Rural Rentboys by Baudolinocrabrock
Adverb and DeepA parody of Hard and Deep by HereticMINDcrabrock
Un{verb}edA parody of Untitled by VoliunKaishai
Rock, Paper, and {Noun}A parody of Rock, Paper, and Scissors by magnificent7crabrock
The {Noun} of the TowerA parody of The Drone of the Tower by WrageowrapperKaishai
{Verbing} of the {Noun} RaiderA parody of Prowling of the Night Raider by kangaroojunkcrabrock
Vambraces at {Noun}A parody of Vambraces at Sea by Khris KruelKaishai
Mr. {Adjective}handsA parody of Mr. Slowhands by Sitting Herecrabrock