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Recap for Week #182 - Domegrassi

Presenters:Sitting Here, Kaishai, Ironic Twist, Djeser, Bad Seafood

Featured Stories:
4:25 Blue Wher - New Year, New Life
8:45 Sweet_Joke_Nectar - LYSANDER, THE MIGHTY AXE
18:29 Pantothenate - The Finger
31:28 docbeard - Outlier
46:00 spectres of autism - The Case of the Shy Ghost: A Domegrassi Jr. High Movie Club Mystery
62:21 Bad Seafood - The First Last Road Show
79:18 Boaz-Jachim - Liberation
100:09 Pantothenate - Saviour Machine
103:26 Nitrousoxide - Oregon Trail
103:38 STONE OF MADNESS - The Bonedrum
105:36 Phobia - Pray to Dionysus
113:18 SlipUp - Ken & Jake