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Recap for Week #260 - Empty Spaces

Presenters:Sitting Here, Kaishai, Ironic Twist, Jitzu_the_Monk

Featured Stories:
4:38 Fleta Mcgurn - Benevolent Onlooker
5:14 Kaishai - So Far Away
7:02 Jay W. Friks - Teetering Towers
17:01 Wizgot - How It Had Been
30:51 RandomPauI - Glue and Sand and Glass
53:07 magnificent7 - 1970-1984
67:01 super sweet best pal - Lakeside Architecture
79:40 crabrock - Dare To Be You
80:33 sebmojo - Between the stirrup and the ground
81:11 Bad Seafood - Last One Out, Hit the Lights
88:29 Erogenous Beef - Find Them And You Can Resist