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Recap for Week #300 - Let's Make a Void!

Presenters:Sitting Here, Kaishai, Ironic Twist

Featured Stories:
Jay W. Friks - Jack Schnaff is (still) missing
Khris Kruel - Vambraces at Sea
Schneider Heim - Saleslady of War
curlingiron - The Void Also Gazes Into You
Jay W. Friks - As Cool as Slate
HiddenGecko - Dem Bones, Dem Dry Boners
The Saddest Rhino - Elegy
skwidmonster - Mr. War Criminal
Mrenda - A Better Place
Yoruichi - You'll Be Back, Derek, No One Escapes the Void
sebmojo - Dave:
Solitair - A Little God in My Hands
BabyRyoga - A Transgression
Narahari - Returning Produce
Jon Joe - Orphans!
Noah - Reserve America
Hawklad - Take Your Child to Work Day