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Recap for Week #419 - The Thunder Chef!

Presenters:Obliterati, Sitting Here, Uranium Pheonix, Yoruichi

Featured Stories:
1:10 Cache Cab - Alien’s Sexy Mushroom
6:49 Noah - The Secret of the Churnkeep
13:59 sparksbloom - Real Cinnamon
21:15 GrandmaParty - Locals Only
29:50 CaligulaKangaroo - Closing
38:44 Thranguy - A Matter of Meat
44:53 The Saddest Rhino - Kimberly’s End of Summer Fig and Port Trifle
53:35 Antivehicular - An Oral History of Bryce Allen Gifford's Last Meal
60:28 Sitting Here - Salt and Acid, Sugar and Rind
67:22 crabrock - Three Alarm Chili
76:07 Saucy_Rodent - Do as the Witches Do