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Recap for Week #430 - Long Live the King!

Presenters:Yoruichi, Uranium Phoenix, Tyrannosaurus

Featured Stories:
Dr. Kloctopussy - An amphibious rodent, distinguished by its broad, oval, horizontally-flattened, scaly tail, palmated hind feet, coat of soft fur, and hard incisor teeth with which it cuts down trees; remarkable for its skill in constructing huts of mud and wood for its habitation, and dams for preserving its supply of water.
3:38 BabyRyoga - Predictive Rex Generator
7:38 Old Binsby - harry
13:39 tab tabby - Musical Theater
20:24 take the moon - yr heart is a sword
29:49 Thranguy - A Hank of Rag, A Sharpened Rock
34:50 Antivehicular - A Zombie At The Gates
41:02 sebmojo - We folks admit real
46:05 Dr. Kloctopussy - Termination Report: “Lucy K” - Red - Dissent and Violence
55:03 Sitting Here - have you ever wondered if there's a militia of fascist christian warlocks in the american heartland