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Recap for Week #461 - Seasons Change, Thunderdome Stays the Same

Presenters:Yoruichi, sebmojo, Morning Bell

Featured Stories:
Taletel - Ice Age
Owlspiracy - Summer
Thranguy - Constellations
Djeser - Sun and Ash
Hawklad - The Eighth Year
rohan - The Past is a Tourist Destination
Idle Amalgam - Life Under the Lone Star
Flyerant - For Thy Kingdom I show my pride
crabrock - Not all ladders have rungs
My Shark Waifuu - Apogee
Sailor Viy - Lacuna
QuoProQuid - A Place Without Seasons
crimea - I Live In The Day
Staggy - Winter Sun
flerp - The End of Summer
Black Griffon - Blood Trench
Barnaby Profane - Predator
MockingQuantum - Ice-Melt
Chairchucker - Monkeys Are Good Drivers, Actually
Ironic Twist - The Noises of Early Summer Lawns