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Recap for Week #462 - Buzzfeed Dot Com: 1000 Words That Will Make You Feel Old

Presenters:Yoruichi, Ironic Twist, Chili

Featured Stories:
Dome Racer Alpha - I just like to drive fast
Dome Racer Sigma - I Just Like To Drive Fast
Yoruichi - My Body
Barnaby Profane - if you want a beautiful vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on Adam Levine’s face — forever
Djeser - Isabel Of Eastmuir Crag
Sailor Viy - The Old Man and the Tree
Black Griffon - Big Crunch
Staggy - Missed Message
My Shark Waifuu - Rollin' Down in the Deep
MockingQuantum - Warp-runner
ZearothK - Farewell, Diana
QuoProQuid - Our Time
Thranguy - Pull the Mask Off
Rhymes With Clue - Yes! And?
Idle Amalgam - Love Machine