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Recap for Week #469 - happy birthday cake time

Presenters:Tyrannosaurus, Yoruichi, sebmojo

Featured Stories:
Uranium Phoenix - Private Memory Files of Worn Node 41719 Observing the Conflicts Relating to the Imperial Church’s Attempt to Control the Milky Way Spiral Arm Sector 6d9
sebmojo - Ultima Donum Regum / It’s my party
Lily Catts - A Sweet Delusion of Peace
RandomPauI - Volunteer Recognition Birthday Recognition Project
Sitting Here - Cake Haver
Taletel - Offense Or Offence?
Thranguy - Nineteen Moments of Eternity
Antivehicular - Fledgling
ZearothK - Drowning
rohan - Gatecrashers From Another Dimension
Sailor Viy - Natalis Bestiam
MockingQuantum - The Fishmonger's Tale
a friendly penguin - The Weight of Happiness
Applewhite - Many Happy Returns
Noah - What She's Having
Staggy - On Ice
Pham Nuwen - Here Comes the Birthday Boy
Simply Simon - Party Princess / Party Crashers
organburner - Jarry dreams no more
Yoruichi - The Goddess’s Blessing