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Recap for Week #494 - I'm Too Old For This Shit

Presenters:SurreptitiousMuffin, Yoruichi, sebmojo

Featured Stories:
CaligulaKangaroo - The Gods Haven't Killed Me Yet
Obliterati - The Cait-Shìth Exhibit
rohan - A First And A Final Adventure
Chairchucker - Fire and Leaves
yeah ok ok yeah - The Longhunters
Sitting Here - Updown
Antivehicular - A Campfire Tale
The man called M - Never Grow Old
Tyrannosaurus - the kapua-man; or, don't fuck with them birds
Noah - Ashen Lives
Thranguy - The Tower, Reversed
Idle Amalgam - Bury Me in a Borrowed Suit
organburner - The unmaking of the song
GrandmaParty - Meeps
My Shark Waifuu - The House of Everything
Chernobyl Princess - Heron House
QuoProQuid - A Villain’s Guide to Necromancy
Nae - A Place to Rest
Ceighk - The Sacrifice
Staggy - When all you have is a sword
flerp - Making It Make Sense
Bad Seafood - The Prisoner
Albatrossy_Rodent - Trivia
Something Else - Tender Teeth