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Title Lengths

Longest Titles

562 chars - Captain_Indigo - This title takes place outside of the story itself and the frozen instant it encapsulates and the title is ‘Then as the car bomb goes off a moment later, the tab of Meezonsen that I had scored off of Kelly (one of the porters in pediatrics) kicked in and the dorsolateral prefrontal right cortex of my brain turned to fizzy mush and dribbled to the base of my skull and my perception of time was torn apart, scorching my sensory neurons and freezing a snapshot of that single point, allowing me to explore an instant of time for hours before the Meez wears off.’
409 chars - Tyrannosaurus - This is a Story About an Animatronic Theodore Roosevelt Who-- Through Strange Scientific Machinations-- Became Sentient Some Time Before the Opening Sentence and Who in the Last Few Moments-- Through Violent Actions Good and Just Against Evil Men-- Made Friends With the One Person Who was Not an Complete Asshole Out in the Post-Apocalyptic Hellhole That was Once Unironically Called the Great State of Texas
310 chars - Dr. Kloctopussy - An amphibious rodent, distinguished by its broad, oval, horizontally-flattened, scaly tail, palmated hind feet, coat of soft fur, and hard incisor teeth with which it cuts down trees; remarkable for its skill in constructing huts of mud and wood for its habitation, and dams for preserving its supply of water.
272 chars - The Saddest Rhino - This Title Originally Referred to a Parody Song Making Fun of a Problematic Musician but Then I Found Out the Parody Was Performed by an Also Problematic Comedian, so I Won’t Name It I Guess, However if You Figured Out What This Song Was Before Reading This, Good for You.
269 chars - Thranguy - I(26M) have just gotten out of a three year relationship with my future self(30M) which I now apparently have to restart from the other side in order to avoid the total collapse of the space-time continuum. AITA for wanting to sever and destroy my time machine instead?
261 chars - Tyrannosaurus - My personal advice on how to run the first session of a post-apocalyptic tabletop roleplaying campaign for new players who have little to no experience in gaming for a Gamemaster with very little time to plan or who just wants a little help getting things going
246 chars - Yoruichi - Most people were quick to embrace new cultural practices around the retention of the deceased after the en masse cessation of posthumous decomposition, but Luke was not emotionally well-equipped to be saddled with his father’s everlasting corpse.
238 chars - Tyrannosaurus - Submitted but Not Published: “A Telling of the True Story of Big Ben Freeman and How He Ended the Ku Klux Klan in Mud Lake, Mississippi as Told to Me by the Once Imperial Wizard, Jim Arthurs, my Grandfather” by Deluxie Arthurs, circa 1961
218 chars - Green Wing - Dear sir, thank you for the assignment but I regret to inform you that my circumstances are very special and very unique and therefore I cannot accept it. I am really under a great deal of strain at work, you see, and,
193 chars - Tyrannosaurus - do not kill yourself for a job - you are replaceable - like a cog or a lightbulb or a pen or a small potted plant that sits on a receptionist's desk or a receptionist's desk or a receptionist
192 chars - Yoruichi - I (clitoris, 39) called my neighbour (asshole, 39) a dick, and my boyfriend (penis, 37) got all offended about “dick” being used as an insult, and I told him he was just being sensitive. AITA?
191 chars - The Saddest Rhino - Chapter 99 of CHRONICLES OF THE WESTBOUND AEGIS Whereupon the Ninety-Nine Demons of the Human Realm Have Been Defeated; The Eastward Return with the Scriptures is Met with One Final Obstacle
188 chars - Ceighk - For a while after the aliens came and started sucking everyone up into their little space ships there was a tremendous panic, but eventually it just became a thing that happened sometimes.
185 chars - Velyoukai - Round 1: sentientcarbon is an illiterate, noodle-armed, premature whippersnapper because there should be a comma in their statement located before and a semi-colon located after my name
185 chars - Yoruichi - Magnitude 6.2: Strong. [i]Weak buildings are damaged. Fragile and precious objects are destroyed. Walking steadily is difficult, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.[/i]

Shortest Titles

0 chars - Mercedes -
0 chars - LiterallyATomato -
1 chars - Thalamas - 7
1 chars - Megazver - O
1 chars - Thranguy - 9
1 chars - spectres of autism - /
1 chars - blue squares - M
1 chars - Flesnolk - H
2 chars - Horrible Butts - RV
2 chars - Noumena - Go
2 chars - The Saddest Rhino - --
2 chars - Ironic Twist - YX
2 chars - SurreptitiousMuffin - II
2 chars - Djeser - :)
2 chars - SurreptitiousMuffin - Ex
2 chars - Sitting Here - Ex
2 chars - anime was right - IV
2 chars - Ironic Twist - Oh
2 chars - Jay W. Friks - Ox
2 chars - sebmojo - 23